19 March 2015

Now Linda is sharing her story to encourage others to take the test.

Linda was 46 years old when she screened through our Corporate Bowel Screening Program at Accolade Wines.

To her surprise, her test came back positive and a follow up colonoscopy found two polyps, one of which was turning into bowel cancer.

Linda’s doctor told her had she waited until she was 50 to screen, it would have been too late.

We are so pleased Linda was brave enough to share her story with us and it’s now on the Inspiring Stories page of our website. Click here to read it.

Linda and her daughters shared her story with their family and friends via email and on social media and it has already prompted so many others to take the simple screening test. What a great result!

Accolade Wines rolled out the Program nationally as part of its focus on the health and wellbeing of its employees.

For more information about our Corporate Bowel Screening Program click here.