15 February 2017

This February our Trust Your Gut initiative and roadshow aims to raise awareness of bowel symptoms, when to act on them and the steps you can take to lead a healthier life.
Over 65% of us will experience uncomfortable gut symptoms in any three month period such as bloating, cramping, gas or unexplained tiredness. Many of us will explain it away as being diet related or stress. Some will Google irritable bowel syndrome or put it down to ‘not being as young or as fit as we used to be’. Even fewer of us will ask our doctor about our symptoms. But in many cases that ‘gut feeling’ that something’s not right, is worth trusting.

Statistically it’s unlikely you will have bowel cancer, especially if you are under 50 years of age. The critical thing with bowel cancer is to catch it early. Acting quickly when you first notice symptoms is the key because over 90% of cases can be successfully treated if diagnosed before the cancer spreads.

The campaign focuses on encouraging people to trust their ‘gut feeling’ if something doesn’t seem right and to act on symptoms and talk to your GP.

Our Trust Your Gut Roadshow tours Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. These events will be hosted by a panel of health experts – Dr Ginni Mansberg, Themis Chryssidis and Sally Joseph – with facilitator Casey Beros, who will discuss the importance of ‘trusting your gut’ when it comes to bowel health.

We know our bodies better than anyone. And when something isn’t right, that little voice in our head, or rather our gut, let us know. Our message is simple – trust your gut, if in doubt check it out!

To learn more about bowel symptoms visit Gut Feelings.

Thank you to the support of  The Ian Potter Foundation for making this initiative possible.