23 October 2015

The Workplace Prevention Program was the ideal way to launch Northline’s health and wellness program.

“This year Northline was pleased to take part in the Foundation’s Workplace Prevention Program, which was offered to all employees nationally. It was the ideal way to launch the company’s health and wellness program, and an initiative that empowered employees to take responsibility for their health in relation to this highly preventable disease.

“The sessions educated employees about a cancer many of us knew little about, and the majority of our employees took the opportunity to take the simple screening test provided through the program.

“We were thrilled to learn of at least one life that was saved as a result, when a valued employee came forward and shared their early detection story. I encourage other workplaces to run this simple and effective program because far too many lives are lost in Australia to this silent killer.”

John Burford, National HSE Manager, Northline