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Bowel cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death in Australia, but it doesn’t have to be. Did you know that if detected early enough, more than 90% of bowel cancer cases can be successfully treated? The problem is, many people don’t know how to reduce their risk and improve their chances of early detection.

Our Workplace Prevention Program gives you, the employer, the opportunity to educate your staff about preventing bowel cancer and the steps everyone can take to reduce their risk. Our program fits well within existing health and wellbeing programs or can be run as a stand-alone initiative.

The Workplace Prevention Program involves:

  • A powerful 30-minute presentation delivered at your workplace by a Jodi Lee Foundation representative or one of your staff members
  • A range of materials and resources that encourage employees to get involved
  • Purchasing our Education Toolkits for all your employees to arm them with knowledge to reduce their risk and live healthy lives
  • Purchasing simple at-home bowel Screening Tests, which are the most effective way of detecting bowel cancer early
  • Participation reports showing the number of Screening Tests completed and the results (anonymous)
  • A short employee survey to help us understand the impact of the program (anonymous)

Once you have signed up you will receive an Employer Kit that includes:

  • Employer Handbook – with step by step instructions to help you run the program
  • Presentation – with helpful notes for the presenter
  • Materials and Resources – to promote the program around your workplace and encourage participation
  • Order Form – to order Education Toolkits and Screening Tests for your staff

Taking part in our Workplace Prevention Program has resulted in the early detection and successful treatment of a number of bowel cancer cases.

We know it saves lives.

Download the information flyer here

Andre's Story/

My story begins a short time before turning 30. I attended Nick’s presentation and Jodi’s story hit me hard as my brother-in-law (in his 40s with three children) is in the final throes of a losing battle with bowel cancer. At the end of the presentation, our CEO announced that they had purchased everyone in the company a screening test and I decided to take one. I had recently moved in with my girlfriend so it took a few weeks before I did the test. It was far easier and less dramatic than I imagined it would be. A few weeks later I received a phone call at work from my GP’s office asking me to come and see him straight away. My heart sank and fear set in.

When I arrived home, I found a letter in the mailbox stating that my test had come back positive for blood – more fear set in. The following day I met with the GP. He was amused and confused why I had even taken the test but thrilled when I explained the work visit from Nick. He said although I’m young and have no symptoms, I had to see a specialist just to rule things out. After giving me some statistics about how unlikely it was that I had anything wrong, I left feeling a little better.

The specialist had much the same reaction and explained it was very unlikely he’d find anything, but a colonoscopy was a formality we had to take. When I awoke from the colonoscopy I was told that the specialist wanted to see me straight away. He said he was in disbelief, as he had found and removed six polyps which were sent for biopsy.
I have since been informed that of two of the polyps were ‘nasty ones’ and if left untreated would have likely turned into bowel cancer.

I can’t express my thanks to Nick and to REDARC Electronic strongly enough. Without their conscious efforts to spread the word (and the extremely fortuitous luck I’ve had), I’d likely be in the same boat as my brother-in-law in a few years’ time. Early detection through a simple screening test has more than likely saved my life. Thank you.

Andre Gascoigne
Project Manager

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