Workplace program

Sage Group screening initiative/

As part of SAGE Group’s commitment to supporting your health and wellbeing, we would like to provide you with a bowel cancer screening kit.

Why? It’s simple. Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world and with early detection, 99% of bowel cancer can be treated. Many people do not experience symptoms of bowel cancer until it has become more advanced or spreads. We are partnering with the Jodi Lee Foundation and their workplace program to educate you about the steps you can take to prevent bowel cancer and lead healthy lives.

Keeping fit and healthy both physically and mentally goes a long way to keeping your gut healthy, a key to bowel cancer prevention.

We hope you take up our offer to use a bowel cancer screening test and keep yourself fit, healthy, active and well.

Head to our store and order your bowel screening kit  here