16 June 2022

We are delighted to welcome Ollie Florent as a Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation Ambassador.

Ollie is part of our Degrees of Separation campaign, which was launched in 2021 and we are excited that he has officially come on board as a Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation Ambassador in 2022.

Ollie was drafted to Sydney in 2016 with the club’s first pick and has become a crucial part of the team since his 2017 debut.

Ollie’s family was impacted by bowel cancer, when his dad Andrew was diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancel in 2013 when Ollie was 15.

Andrew sadly lost his battle in 2016, three months before Ollie was drafted to the Swans.  “I still feel like we have missed out on so much. But he gave me three years he wasn’t meant to have and by the end it felt selfish to want more. He’s always going to be here with me. I’m so lucky to have had him”.