15 September 2022

Blood in your poo can be a sign of bowel cancer.

So next time you go to the loo, we’re urging you to ‘View Your Poo!’, it could save your life.

Recognising bowel cancer symptoms, such as blood in your poo, and acting quickly is important for early detection. Regardless of your age, speak with your GP immediately if you notice blood in your poo, even if you only notice blood occasionally.

It’s also important that you see your GP if you notice a change in your bowel habits for longer than two weeks, such as:
– going to the toilet more frequently
– constipation
– loose or watery bowel movements
– feeling that the bowel does not completely empty, or
– bowel movements that are narrower than usual.

Bowel cancer is the second deadliest cancer in Australia, and the leading cancer killer in 20-39 year-old Australians. However, if detected early enough, up to 99% of cases can be successfully treated or even prevented. Raising awareness for the signs of bowel cancer are key to turning these statistics around.

That’s why we’ve partnered with TerryWhite Chemmart, to help amplify this important message and raise awareness of young-onset bowel cancer and the signs and symptoms to look out for.

For more information about the campaign click here. Be sure to look out for the in-store displays at TerryWhite Chemmart nationally this month.