How do I register for The JLF Trek?

Registration is simple. Visit The JLF Trek event page on our website and sign up via the ‘Register’ button. If this is your first JLF event, you will be asked to create an account. If you already have an account, login to register using the link on the registration page or the icon on the top menu bar of our website. The registration process takes you through the steps to set up your personal profile, a fundraising page for yourself or a team, and importantly requires you to read and accept the terms and conditions of the event.

Can we take part as a team?

Absolutely! Registering as a team is a popular option for many people.

To register a team, nominate a team manager to register for the event first. During the registration process the team manager can set up the team. Once the team is set up, other team members can register and elect to join the team when they register for the event.

If you decide to start or join a team after you have registered, you can make changes to your registration through your account profile.

  1. Log in via the icon on the top menu of our website.
  2. Under ‘registrations’ select ‘start team’.
  3. Enter the team name, upload a team photo and words for the team fundraising page.

Is there an age limit on entry to The JLF Trek?

The JLF Trek is open to all ages , however children under 18 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. We ask that you carefully consider the distance children are registered for.

Am I fit enough to do The JLF Trek?

The JLF Trek is an endurance event designed to challenge you physically and mentally. A medium to high level of fitness is required but with the right preparation and attitude you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. Whether you complete the full two-day event or a shorter section, this event will leave you inspired and ready to take on the world.

Please make sure you prepare well in advance and get your body used to long distance walking on varying elevations and surfaces. Once you are registered you will have access to our 8-week training guide to help you prepare.

If you have a pre-existing injury or illness, please seek medical advice before commencing registration.

How do I log in to my profile?

You can log in to your profile by clicking the person icon on the top menu bar of our website and enter the username and password created when you registered for your first JLF event. Your username is your email address, which is unique to your profile. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset it on the log in page by clicking ‘Forgot your password?’.

How can I make changes to my personal or team fundraising page?

Log in to your profile account to make changes to your personal or team fundraising page. The team manager is the only person who can make changes to the team fundraising page.

How do I fundraise for The JLF Trek?

As soon as you register for The JLF Trek you will receive a link to your fundraising page via email. Kick start your fundraising by sharing the link with family, friends, colleagues by email or on social media.
You can hold a fundraising event for your trek on any day, at anytime and anywhere before your trek. It could be a neighbourhood street party, bake sale, a morning tea at your workplace, a movie night or a lemonade stall – whatever takes your fancy – but you will be raising funds to help eliminate bowel cancer.

What does my registration fee cover?

The JLF Trek is a fully supported event. Your registration fee covers part of the cost of staging the event, including safety and management, food and drinks at checkpoints, bus transfers and the finish line celebration. It is not a donation and is not tax deductible.

This year, due to COVID-19 rules and safety plans we are only offering emergency bus transport. We ask you to arrange your own way to the start line.

Why is there a minimum fundraising target?

Your registration fee covers a large part of the cost of The JLF Trek, it is not a donation. Fundraising is vital to the Jodi Lee Foundation and the work we do to raise awareness about bowel cancer and save lives. The JLF Treks are our major fundraising event and each year the events sell out. The minimum fundraising target is a guide to help all participants work together to achieve our overall target for the event. Some of you will smash this and some might not get there. We just ask that you give it your absolute best shot, as every dollar raised really does help.

Where does the money go?

We rely on the generosity of donors to fund initiatives that raise awareness about bowel cancer and the importance of early detection. A small portion of all donations covers our administration costs. For more information, please refer to our Annual Review published on our website.

Where do I stay for the weekend?

We always consider local accommodation options when we are deciding where to hold The JLF Trek each year. You are responsible for making your own accommodation arrangements. If you would like to make a weekend of it, you will find some wonderful places on websites like AirBNB or

Where do I get my event bib?

Your event bib will either be collected at the pre-event briefing or at the start line. We will notify you well before the event. Bibs are an important safety feature and must be worn on the outside of your clothing or backpack so that it is visible at all times. You will not be permitted to take part in the event without a bib.

When and where does the event briefing take place?

Your safety throughout The JLF Trek is our number one priority. An event briefing is held during the week of the event, with the time and location advised well beforehand. At the briefing you will be reminded of everything you need to know about the event including safety, emergency and checkpoint procedures, critical times and any last-minute changes to the route. This briefing is compulsory.

This year the event briefing will be held as an online webinar.

What happens if I need to pull out of the event?

Usually registration fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable. However, while COVID-19 restrictions remain in place we are offering a full refund of registration fee or transfer to another JLF event. You can also convert your registration into a donation. Please contact us at [email protected] to let us know how you would like to proceed.

Will the event be cancelled if the weather is bad?

Be prepared to trek in sunshine and in rain. You can check local weather forecasts via the Bureau of Meteorology. If extreme weather is forecast, we may have to cancel the event to keep you safe. 

Contingency plans may be implemented when the following weather conditions occur at any point along the route and or at the location of the command centre:  

  • Ambient temperature > 36 degrees celsius during any part of the event 
  • Wind speed > 60km per hour and/or gusts of > 90km per hour 
  • Severe wind conditions that stand down Park Rangers / event management team from accessing a section of the trek route
  • Excessive rainfall within 24 hours prior to the event or predicted during any days of the event
  • Lightning and atmospheric conditions over any part of the trek route
  • Catastrophic fire danger rating  
  • Code Red issued for any part of the trek route
  • Any adverse impediments that may occur over the trek route that are deemed to be a safety hazard eg road closure, vehicle accident, fallen trees, flooding, bush fire, controlled burn

It is your responsibility to use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, wear appropriate clothing and take advantage of refreshment stops provided. It is also your responsibility to make appropriate decisions about whether to start or continue the event based on your physical condition.  

If we deem the event to be adversely affected by extreme weather, the event may be cancelled. We cannot guarantee that canceled events will be rescheduled.  

Notification of cancellation or modification of the event will occur at the earliest possible opportunity. This may be at the bus loading time, at the start location or if the cancellation or modification is later your will be notified at checkpoints by our event management team. A SMS message will also be sent as a secondary notification.  

In the case of event cancellation, all event support including, but not limited to, checkpoints, support vehicles and communications will be stood down 

If event is cancelled because of extreme weather or other reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of registration fees, money raised or any out-of-pocket costs incurred. 

How do I find the Trek route?

It is compulsory to have the Ride with GPS app installed on your mobile phone, with the tike maps downloaded before the start. This is a free service if you follow the links we provide a few weeks before the event to the Jodi Lee Foundation account.

You will trek along existing trails that are identified predominately by Heysen Trail markers. We add bright pink JLF Trek markers to help you locate the trail where it may deviate.

What happens if a change needs to be made to the trek route?

At times, we may need to change or amend the trek route to keep you safe. This may be due to extreme weather conditions, changes to the trail or track we are accessing or other factors outside of our control. Our goal is to find you the best route along some of Australia’s finest hiking trails and for you to finish in daylight hours. Sometimes the locations that suit our start and finish lines or checkpoints are affected or altered because of circumstances outside of our control. We endeavour to advise you of these changes where possible.

The trek route may vary from the maps provided, but it will be marked accordingly and our volunteers will direct you to follow the route as marked.

While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of distances and maps, we have found that every app provides a slightly different result. Accordingly, we cannot accept responsibility for any errors or omissions, or for any loss or damage suffered by anyone as a result of the publication of maps or guides, or as a result of reliance on the information provided.

What should I wear?

Walking shoes or boots, trail running shoes or sneakers are recommended, and make sure they are well worn in before the event. We suggest you wear leggings or hiking pants and pack layers as it is usually cold in the morning and afternoon but can warm up during the day.

Avoid cotton: cotton doesn’t breathe, and is probably the worst fabric you could choose for hiking. When cotton gets wet it is cold and clammy and will not dry. Merino wool is best as it absorbs sweat and allows the moisture to evaporate, keeping you nice and cosy. Merino wool helps you stay cool in the heat and warm in the cold.

Be prepared to carry what you wear. We cannot be responsible for your belongings during the event.

Are there compulsory items I need to carry?

Yes, you must carry the following items:

  • Event bib which must be fixed on your clothing or backpack so it is visible at all times
  • Minimum 750ml water bladder or bottle which can be refilled at each checkpoint
  • Basic first aid kit (blister pads, sunscreen, bandages, pain relief)
  • Personal medication (EpiPen, Ventolin etc)
  • Emergency space blanket
  • Mobile phone, downloaded with the Emergency+ app and Ride with GPS app

These items are not compulsory, but we recommend you carry:

  • Wet weather gear
  • Spare socks
  • Vaseline or body glide for your feet
  • Spare plastic bag for wet clothing
  • Small torch and whistle
  • Cuffs or gaiters
  • Food that you specifically require, in addition to the catering provided at checkpoints or for your specific dietary requirements

How do I get to the start line?

In past years we have provided bus transport from the finish line, where you park you car in the morning, to the start line. Carpark locations and critical times will be publicised as soon as the information is available, about four weeks before the event. For details, refer to the Trek Guide or click here.

Please note, COVID-19 has made it necessary to make a few changes to the standard format of our event. We appreciate your understanding.

For the JLF Trek SA 2020 we ask you to make your own way to the start line and arrange to be collected from the finish line at the end of the day. A support vehicle will be available at the finish line to return you to your car at the start line, however we ask that you make your own arrangements where possible and only use this option if nothing else can be arranged. This return trip can be up to an hour and its availability will be limited. We also are not able to guarantee the time of departure as the service is also being used to assist trekkers who retire at checkpoints.

What should I expect at the checkpoints?

You will be greeted by our event management team and volunteers where, for safety reasons, you will be required to sign in. Services are provided at the checkpoints as follows:

  • Toilets, often portable because of the remote locations we trek through
  • Basic first aid provided by St John who are there to help you with blisters and the like
  • Transport back to the finish line if you need to withdraw from the event
  • Water to refill your water bottles
  • Light catering, including gluten free and vegan options for participants who have pre-identified these requirements during the registration process

What if I have specific dietary requirements?

When you register, please let us know if you have specific dietary requirements and we will do our best to accommodate you at the checkpoints and finish line celebration.

How long do I have to complete The JLF Trek?

All participants must reach the finish line in daylight hours. To do so, you must pass through each checkpoint by the nominated closing time which is published in the Trek Guide approximately four weeks prior to the event.

What if I am injured or unable to complete the distance?

For your safety, we ask that you always trek with at least one other person. If you are unable to complete the distance for any reason, speak to our event management team at a checkpoint and you will be transported to the finish line.

As we often trek through remote locations with limited vehicle access, it is important that you do not continue past a checkpoint if you have an injury or other health concerns, or are otherwise worried about your ability to make it to the next checkpoint.

St John Ambulance volunteers are located at each checkpoint to provide first aid.

If you do find yourself in trouble between checkpoints, contact our command centre on 0456 169 640 or emergency 000 or 112 for assistance. These numbers are printed on your event bib will be provided to you during the event briefing and in the Trek Guide which you should print or save on your mobile phone. Use the Ride with GPS or Emergency+ app to give your exact location details and wait for help to arrive.

What toilet facilities are available on the trek route?

Toilet facilities are usually available at the start and each checkpoint location.

What can I expect at the finish line?

On Saturday, you will be treated to a celebration at the finish line which runs until approximately 6.30pm, complete with food, drinks and live music. You can buy tickets for your family and friends to celebrate your achievement with you. Tickets go on sale a few weeks before the event.

Participants and ticket holders will receive two free celebratory drinks and delicious catering. Additional drinks will be available for purchase.

Will my mobile phone work?

Mobile coverage depends largely on network coverage which is not always possible due to remote locations or blackspots. We ask that you download the “Emergency+” app which will provide your GPS location in the case of an emergency. It is compulsory to download the Ride with GPS app, pre-loaded with Trek route maps.

Do I need insurance?

While we undertake all possible measures to ensure your safety, you are responsible for your own health and wellbeing in the lead up to and during the event. Please make sure you have relevant health insurance and ambulance cover in place prior to the event.

Is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is not permitted on the trek route or on transport to/from the trek route. At the finish line celebration, participants and ticket holders will be provided two free alcoholic drinks.

Is alcohol permitted?

Alcohol is not permitted on the trek route or on transport to/from the trek route. At the finish line celebration, participants and ticket holders will be provided two free alcoholic drinks.

What plans are there for COVID-19?

Extensive risk management planning directly related to COVID-19 has occurred and will be implemented for The JLF Trek, some of which have necessitated a change to the format of the event. We ask that you respect and adhere to the following:

  • You must follow SA Health COVID-19 guidelines relevant at the time of the event
  • The event briefing will be held online and will include COVID-19 plans
  • If you have COVID-19 symptoms you are not able to participate in the event, unless you have had a COVID-19 test and are confirmed negative
  • Hand sanitiser is available at all check points – please use
  • A cleaner will be located at the checkpoints
  • Extra toilets will be provided to minimise queues
  • Individual disposable water bottles will be provided at checkpoints (no bulk water)
  • All food will be individually wrapped – do not share
  • Compostable products will be used where possible
  • Recycling bins will be located at checkpoints
  • No bus transport will be provided to the start line – you will need to make your own way there and be collected from the finish
  • Check-in at the start, each checkpoint and the finish line is compulsory
  • COVID-19 specific signage will be located at each checkpoint
  • Guests at the finish line must also check-in with the event team