1 August 2014

Great opinion piece in the Herald Sun today from Nick Lee, talking about tackling the stigma attached to bowel cancer head-on.

Nick discusses his frustration that people continue to die needlessly, even though bowel cancer is one of the most preventable cancers – “It doesn’t have to be a death sentence”, he says.

In an age where people are more health-conscious than ever, it’s staggering how little is known about this deadly but highly preventable disease. Bowel cancer mainly affects people over 50 but it also affects young people too, with more than 1000 people under 50 diagnosed each year.

It’s important that we start a conversation about bowel cancer that may otherwise be a difficult one to have. It’s that conversation that can save someone’s life. The #iknowsome1 campaign as an easy, fun and engaging way to get people of all ages to do just that – to put their hand up and say “I know someone with bowel cancer”.

Next week the AFL, Carlton and Gold Coast football clubs will get behind The Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation and #iknowsome1 in a big way to help show Australia just how common bowel cancer is.

You can read the full opinion piece here.