Tom’s story

Running the 2011 New York marathon as a member of our team had a profound impact on Tom’s life. Tom ran the marathon in 4 hrs 28 mins, raising nearly $5,000 for The Jodi Lee Foundation.

As a Foundation ambassador, Tom completed a home bowel screening test. Fit and healthy at age 28, he was surprised when the results showed blood had been detected in his stool.

My doctor assured me it was unlikely the cause was serious and an appointment was set for a colonoscopy following my return from New York.

During the colonoscopy, up to 100 polyps were found in my lower bowel, some of which were uncommon and likely to develop into bowel cancer in an accelerated manner. I was advised that the only course of action was to remove some of my lower bowel.

Reeling from this, I sought a second opinion. The specialist confirmed it was almost certain that the polyps would have developed into bowel cancer during my early 30s.

Sharing his story is Tom’s way of saying thank you for saving his life.