Sarah’s Story

Sarah was a larger-than-life character and would light up a room from the moment she walked in. I would describe Sarah as sandpaper. She could come across as rough and abrasive; however, like all sandpaper, you could acquire different grades from course to fine. The rear of the sandpaper is smooth, and the paper displayed its grade for all to see, so you knew what you were getting.  

Sarah wore her heart on her sleeve, and she always called a spade a spade. Just like the grading on the rear of the paper for all to see, Sarah expressed herself through tattoos on her skin. She displayed them with pride, a sentiment to events in her life, captured in ink, just like a canvas.  

Sarah was also affectionately known as “Sass “or “Sassy” by her loved ones, friends, and work colleagues. She was an inspiration to all who crossed her path. 

When Sarah was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, she was already at Stage 4. She had been to the doctors several times complaining about her symptoms, but they suspected it was minor. As her condition got worse, it had gone too far: she was diagnosed with Stage 4 Bowel Cancer. 

Upon getting the diagnosis Sarah did everything she could, from her fitness and diet to travelling the world and working, there wasn’t anything stopping Sarah from making the most of everything and always trying her best to make sure she could honestly say she tried her best. 

The cancer had initially spread to her liver, lymph nodes and lungs where she succumbed to the disease. Sarah never dropped her head, fighting right up until her last breath. 

Sarah faced so many hurdles. When Sarah’s body stopped reacting to chemo, she would stay positive and look for different alternatives. Sarah had moments where she broke down in tears. She questioned if she could really continue. Although she would often have a moment, she always picked herself up, brushed herself off and continued with a positive attitude. I envy this quality and have so much respect for her resilience. 

Sarah would be the one who cheered up the chemo staff and she would attend her sessions in big bright-coloured exotica running outfits. She would advise them on the latest trends and where to shop for the best discount prices. 

Sass remained stoic throughout her journey, especially at the end. After Sarah resigned, she chose to step back and in Sarah’s way remained silent so that her friends and colleagues wouldn’t realise she was being kept comfortable on a morphine pump in her late stage of palliative care. 

As many of you know our beautiful Sarah took her last breath Wednesday 27 April 2022 at 11:15pm after a long courageous battle with lung cancer that had unfortunately metastasized from bowel cancer back in 2017. 

A tribute to a fiercely independent, confident, beautiful, kind, sometimes opinionated, loud, strong, and funny divine soul. I’m so glad you stayed true to yourself, were authentically you and most of all you “did it your way”. 

You are now free of pain, and your Earthly physical form. You have your angel wings, fly high my beautiful girl, now a bright new shining star. 

We love you to the moon and back. 


  • Written on behalf of the Optus team.