Paul’s story

In our group of friends there are five of us who all turned 50 the same year and received our bowel cancer screening tests in the post.

Discussing this one night with friends we laughed about having to send our poop in the post. Our friend Paul mentioned he hadn’t done his, and he was a year older than us, and should have done it over 12 months ago. He said he didn’t even know where he put the test kit. I told him he should do it – it’s quick and it’s free, and I didn’t think much of it after that.

Shortly after this my work place, Kennett Builders, had Nick Lee from The Jodi Lee Foundation come to our workplace and tell us the story behind the Foundation.

Nick’s story was inspiring and informative, but there was one thing in particular that struck a chord with me and made me think of Paul – Nick mentioned a possible link between bowel cancer and a diet heavy in ‘red meat cooked well done’.

I thought of Paul, who had NOT done his test. He is a butcher and loves to have red meat for dinner.

I sent him a message after Nick had left and gave him a big spiel about how he needs to do it NOW!

Paul took the test and a short time later was called in for more tests. The results were that he had early stage bowel cancer.

Julie and Paul let us know about his condition and that he would be going to hospital soon for an operation, but they were very positive about the outcome due to the cancer being detected early.

Paul and his wife Julie were unable to come on our planned holiday to Thailand as Paul was recovering from his operation. We missed them, but at least we know he will be around to go on the next overseas holiday with us, thanks to the simple test and to The Jodi Lee Foundation for coming to our work place and educating us about bowel cancer.

Paul and Julie have recently celebrated their 30 wedding anniversary in Hawaii.