Mitch’s Story

Mitch was diagnosed with stage IV bowel cancer at the young age of 31.

Mitch had complained of a sore back for many months and even visited a doctor about his symptoms. It wasn’t until 9 months later when he was given a test that they found he had bowel cancer.

During his fight and his chemotherapy Mitch remained extremely positive and was determined to not only beat it, but to share his story and help others in his position. He realised during these times how much love and support he had around him which lifted his spirits on a daily basis.

On Christmas Day in 2017 after a four-month battle, Mitch was taken to hospital. He sadly passed away two days later, surrounded by his loved ones. He was fighting until the very end.

Mitch was someone who always helped others and put himself last. A quality which he has instilled in his beloved niece and nephew ❤

Since Mitch’s passing, his legacy has lived on with numerous awareness campaigns and fundraisers in his honour. Through the power of sport and other ventures this will continue into the future to help combat and raise awareness about the disease.