Mary’s Story

Three years ago I received the bowel screening test in the mail free from the Australian Government.

I did the test without any hesitation because I knew it was a free test that could save my life. And that it did.

I started having some strange symptoms at the same time that I got a positive result from my bowel screening test in the mail. I went to the doctors to follow up and I was admitted to hospital where they ran a number of tests.

The nurse came into my hospital room and sat down on the bed. She said “We’ve got some bad news” and I knew straight away it was cancer. Surely enough, she confirmed this to be true.

I had more tests done and then went under radiation and chemotherapy for bowel cancer. Thankfully they caught it fairly early so I have made a full recovery.

Without that test, I simply would not be here today.

I feel good, I eat well, I walk, I exercise and I look after myself. But I recommend to everybody, I don’t care what the excuse is, get that bowel screening test done because I might not be here today if it wasn’t for that test. 

After the cancer scare, I just want to be active, live a normal life and I just pray to God it doesnt come back again.

Please do the test because it will save your life.