Kym’s story

I am a 39 year old husband and father of two young children, fortunate enough to work for Kennett Builders – a company focused on employee health and wellbeing. This focus has had a life-changing impact on the life of my family and me.

Last year our workplace took part in The Jodi Lee Foundation’s Workplace Prevention Program, and subsequently I was provided with a screening test. Even though, as far as I know, I had no family history, wasn’t showing any symptoms, and led a pretty normal lifestyle, I decided that it would be a comfort to know I was in the clear… so I did the test. A short time later I was provided with my result, which showed blood was present in my stool.

I visited with my GP, who referred me to a specialist, who conducted a colonoscopy. A single polyp was removed during the procedure, and to my relief the pathology results were clear of cancer.

However, my doctor told me had I waited until I was 50 to take a bowel screening test, it would have been too late. He had no doubt that the polyp would have developed into bowel cancer.

Thanks to this fantastic initiative I now have a plan in place for future follow-ups and have been able to share my story and raise awareness with friends and family. All thanks to Kennett Builders and The Jodi Lee Foundation.