Jeanette’s story

Searching for information about bowel cancer,  I came across The Jodi Lee Foundation soon after my diagnosis. I was touched by Jodi’s story, being very similar to my own.

With vague symptoms thought to be attributable to diet, a busy life and shift work, my doctor suggested I had probably developed the cancer 3-5 years before I noticed my health deteriorating.

It was while holidaying with my family in the UK, at just 44 years of age, that I was diagnosed with appendicitis; and the performance of an appendectomy that lead to the discovery of bowel cancer.

The whirlwind surrounding my final diagnosis was devastating and had a huge impact on my family, their positivity nothing short of remarkable. I urge anyone who experiences changes in their bowel motions, unusual abdominal pain or bloating, to seek medical advice immediately. If I had known Jodi’s story 18 months earlier, I am sure my treatment may have been very different.

Sadly Jeanette lost her battle with bowel cancer and passed away in 2015. Our thoughts are always with her family and friends.