Andy’s Story

We met Andy and his wife when we were in Darwin on the Talking Sh!t Tour.

In 2019, Andy received his bowel cancer screening kit in the mail from the Australian Government. Initially Andy was nervous to do the test, worried about the outcome – but decided in the long run that it is much better to be proactive with his health, so he completed the test and sent it back.

Unfortunately Andy received that letter in the mail that he was nervous about – they had found blood in his stool. He was called into his GP who then referred him on for a colonoscopy.

The colonoscopy found that Andy had bowel cancer.

He was quickly booked in for surgery where they removed two thirds of his colon.

Sadly the cancer came back in 2022, and Andy had further surgery in early 2023.

However he now has the all clear, and couldn’t be more grateful. He has regular check ups to stay on top of it and hopes to live to 100 to get his letter from the King.

“Without the test, I wouldn’t be here today. The test saved my life.”