AJ’s story

Late in 2010, AJ had been feeling a little discomfort, but like many others, she put it down too ‘being busy’.

After hearing Jodi’s story through the Ride For The Little Black Dress, I made an appointment to see my doctor and arranged to have a colonoscopy. Tests revealed the discomfort was due to a very large polyp in my bowel.

Doctors were able to remove the polyp before it became cancerous, however I was advised that had any more time passed, the outcome would have been far more sinister.

AJ attributes the Jodi Lee Foundation and the Ride For The Little Black Dress with providing her with the awareness and motivation to act on her symptoms.

I am grateful for hearing Jodi’s story through the event and now treasure my own ‘Little Black Dress’.

By sharing my story, I hope others will proactively test for bowel cancer and minimise their risk of developing the disease.