Richard is a 30 year + veteran of the advertising industry in both the UK & Australia, having worked for some of the world’s most prestigious media brands including The Times of London, News Corp, Clear Channel UK, The Daily Mail, New Scientist & Val Morgan to name just a few.

His family and friends have been deeply affected by Bowel Cancer which took his mother at 60, his father in his 80’s and he has a friend who is currently 2 years into a fight with this insidious disease.

Richard’s core purpose is leveraging his corporate relationships to help educate as many Australians as possible about the Bowel Cancer symptoms to look for if you are under 50, and to participate in the NBCSP (National Bowel Cancer Screening Program) if you are 50-74.

He wants to answer the question “Why can’t Australians mirror the Dutch who have a 68% participation rate in their Bowel Cancer testing scheme while we languish at only 43%”