Reymon Makkar

Rey has spent the majority of his professional life working in wealth management and is currently a Senior Adviser at Perpetual Private, providing specialist financial solutions to medical professionals and their families.

Rey became involved with the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation through the health and wellbeing program with a previous employer. Years later, his sister Dahlia discovered she had bowel cancer at the age of 27.

Dahlia’s journey gave Rey an intimate understanding of how important prevention and early detection are in beating the disease. He now recognises the value of being more conscious of our bodies and our lifestyle.

Rey is a keen runner and in 2021 he ran the Canberra Marathon to align his business and athletic interests to increase awareness of the important goal and mission of the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation. He is also undertaking the 2022 Melbourne Marathon with Dahlia to further raise awareness for bowel cancer and the efforts of the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation.