Alexei Fey/CEO, Comunet

Alexei brings over 20 years of experience in leading multi-disciplined technology teams as well as experience across Retail, Product Management, Distribution and Strategy and is currently the CEO of Comunet a technology advisory and consultancy.  In his role at Comunet he is engaged in technology advisory to many NFP Boards and is also a Director of Clariate, an EdTech startup and Board member for Treasure Boxes, a children’s charity with a mission to reduce the number children living in sever disadvantage in South Australia.

Alexei brings keen insights around technology, cybersecurity and their broader organisational impacts as well as a keen ability to challenge, define and support delivery of strategic outcomes.

Having lost a family member to bowel cancer in 2015, Alexei looks forward to a future where early detection and prevention is normalised and helps save more lives.