1 October 2014

What an incredible and rewarding few months it has been for bowel cancer prevention.

There has been lots of action, but the highlight would have to be the launch of our national TV commercial – a first for bowel cancer in Australia.

This campaign has enabled us to raise an enormous amount of awareness which we truly hope translates into more people to screening for bowel cancer. It was such a huge project and I’m extremely proud of what our dedicated team has achieved.

We have welcomed some exciting new partnerships this quarter, with Palmer’s Australia and Samuel Pilot coming on board. It’s also a privilege to honour Tracey Lee Diamond in our 2015 SA Hiking Challenge, and we are so pleased her family has partnered with us on the event.

The number of people choosing to support the Foundation through their own events continues to grow and it’s encouraging to receive this level of community support.

Looking forward to the months ahead where we have some exciting events on the agenda – including the Kennett Builders 100 Not Out celebration, Bank SA and ANZ golf days, and our team running the New York Marathon for the fifth year!

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