23 March 2021

Samantha Herbut’s Bucket List Challenge for 2021 is to publish her cookbook “From My Mother”. The cookbook follows mothers and daughters sharing their favourite recipes and stories behind dishes most memorable to them.

Samantha will be writing and taking the photos for the entire book, which is dedicated to her mum, Billie, after losing her to bowel cancer in 2017. Billie was only 54 when she was first diagnosed with bowel cancer and had not experienced any symptoms. She had delayed screening for 4 years.

“Over the next 4 years my mum’s cancer spread to her lungs and eventually to her brain. Mum became such an advocate for screening. What I’ve learnt from this experience is that life is too short. Look after yourself, be aware and don’t delay – it may just save your life.”

A portion of the proceeds from Samantha’s cookbook will be going towards the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation. To support and encourage Samantha to complete her Bucket List Challenge for 2021, head to the fundraising page on our website. All donations go towards the early detection and prevention of bowel cancer.

To follow Samantha on her Bucket List Journey head to her Instagram @samanthaherbut.

You can also read Billie’s full story here.