15 November 2020

I vividly recall the Christmas season of 2009 with Jodi, which unbeknown to all of us was to be her last. We planned many things – school uniforms for our boys starting year 3 together in 2010 at the same new school, a house for the Lee family to rent over summer and decorating the tree with Jodi’s gorgeous friends, Ginny and Sue, who flew in to see her from Vietnam. 

Jodi loved the season’s festivities and in 2009, despite being so unwell, she was determined to take Jack and Bella to Adelaide’s Christmas Pageant. It was a very hot day. My family and I arrived early to reserve a place close to a nearby street, and the police kindly accommodated special access for Jodi so she was able to sit close to the parade to watch on while Jack (7) and Bella (4), with big smiles, enjoyed every moment. 

That same year our children were all desperate for a pet. Discovering we had both settled on a black Cavoodle, Jodi took on the task of finding two puppies available as a Christmas surprise. She chose Rosie for the Lee family, a sweet and shiny puppy who reminds me of Jodi. She chose Twiggy for the Young family, a somewhat disheveled and tenacious puppy – do I read something into this? 

Each year Jodi’s Christmas present to me was a decoration which still take pride of place on our tree. I think of her often, but especially as I unpack and set up the treeweeks before Christmas every year. Jodi was a special and very close friend. I miss her advice, her fun and her laughter