30 November 2020

Christmas was always a big deal for Jodi. It was all about family and she loved the idea of everybody coming together to celebrate.  

She really enjoyed creating excitement for the kids. It made her so happy to see them get excited with the presents under the tree and all the decorations she would put up. Together they would build and decorate the tree, she would always take them to the pageant and then to visit Father Christmas at the magic cave. 

One of my favourtie memories of Christmas were spent at the beach, with the opening of presents followed by a big family lunch. It was hard for Jodi to see her own family much throughout the year, so Christmas was the only time everyone got together to reconnect. Jodi really loved this tradition. 

On Jodi’s last Christmas, she knew time was running out and that she wanted to gift the kids something extra special. This was the year we were given Rosie, our Cavoodle. Jodi wanted to create that special memory for the kids and hoped that they would see this was as a part of her living on.