19 October 2016

Thousands of school students are gearing up to start Kay-A-Day this term, with more than 20 schools across five states and territories registered to take part.

Kay-A-Day encourages students  to walk or run just one kilometre a day for 21 days – the distance of a half marathon.

The initiative is designed to combat the trend of young people not getting enough exercise each day.

Our ambassadors, including Olympic marathon runner Jessica Trengove, Adelaide Football Club star Scott Thompson, Port Adelaide defender Tom Jonas, Brumbies Rugby Union player Jarrad Butler, football star and Channel 7 presenter Abbey Holmes, and Ten Eyewitness News Presenter Rebecca Morse, are visiting schools to talk to students about the importance of being active every day.

In Australia 9 out of 10 young people don’t get enough exercise each day, which is a problem because physical activity is important for overall health and reduces the risk of developing certain diseases later in life – including bowel cancer.

Friends and family can get involved by sponsoring for every ‘kay’ completed.

Kay-A-Day also gives us the opportunity to educate parents about bowel cancer prevention.

Thanks to the Bennelong Foundation for supporting Kay-A-Day.

Visit the website here to find out more.