9 December 2016

Prevention is defined as the action of stopping something from happening or arising. It is with a great sense of purpose we commit ourselves to this action.

Working in the bowel cancer space, we know of many people and hear many more stories about people who aren’t fortunate enough to experience the prevention of this silent killer, and our heart breaks for them. Unless caught early, bowel cancer treatment is brutal. Anyone who has been through this experience will testify to the harrowing journey.

Education about prevention and early detection plays a vital role in keeping Australians healthy. With more than 15,000 people diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, the need for awareness and action is stronger than ever. Our challenge always is to find relevant ways to talk to people about the facts and risks.

These critical conversations convey our life- saving messages about screening regularly, knowing your family history, acting quickly on symptoms and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In many ways we are storytellers, fortunate to have the support and trust of individuals impacted by bowel cancer. Sharing their stories ignites a mental shift, which in turn in influences behaviour. These stories are powerful tools.

Jodi’s story continues to resonate with people nation-wide. She is the human face of the tragedy that bowel cancer can bestow, of what can happen when the disease isn’t prevented.