15 June 2023

We are extremely proud and excited to be partnering with our Ambassador Kellie Finlayson to launch an important new campaign, Trust Your Gut, to raise awareness of bowel cancer symptoms, what they are and when to act.

At the core of this campaign is our new online Symptom Checker. This interactive tool will help you to identify the signs and symptoms of bowel cancer. If the Symptom Checker recommends you follow up with your doctor, we urge you to make that appointment – it might just save your life.

What many people don’t know is that bowel cancer is the leading cancer killer in 25-34 year olds. It is not just an old person’s disease.

Recognising bowel cancer symptoms and acting quickly is important for the early detection of the disease, because if detected early up to 99% of bowel cancers can be successfully treated.

Trust your gut – it could save your life.

To find out more and use the Symptom Checker, visit www.trustyourgut.com.au.