6 March 2015

Carlton Football Club’s Levi Casboult and Cameron Wood have thrown their support behind bowel cancer with their first appearance as Jodi Lee Foundation ambassadors at Mars in Ballarat.

Levi and Cameron joined our Founder & CEO, Nick Lee, yesterday to share their stories and speak to employees as part of our Corporate Bowel Screening Program about the importance of regular screening for the early detection of bowel cancer.

Nick said, “It was fantastic to have our newest ambassadors join me to emphasise just how wide spread bowel cancer is in Australia.

“It’s great to have their support and we really appreciate their commitment to helping us prevent bowel cancer.”

Levi experienced first hand the impact bowel cancer has on a family when his uncle was diagnosed with the disease in 2014, and now feels strongly about raising awareness of Australia’s second biggest cancer killer.

Cameron was compelled to support the Foundation after hearing Nick tell Jodi’s story last year at Carlton Football Club.

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