9 July 2020

If extreme weather is forecast, we may have to cancel The JLF Trek to keep you safe. 

Contingency plans may be implemented when the following weather conditions occur at any point along the route and or at the location of the command centre:  

  • Ambient temperature > 36 degrees celsius during any part of the event 
  • Wind speed > 60km per hour and/or gusts of > 90km per hour 
  • Severe wind conditions that stand down Park Rangers / event management team from accessing a section of the trek route
  • Excessive rainfall within 24 hours prior to the event or predicted during any days of the event
  • Lightning and atmospheric conditions over any part of the trek route
  • Catastrophic fire danger rating  
  • Code Red issued for any part of the trek route
  • Any adverse impediments that may occur over the trek route that are deemed to be a safety hazard eg road closure, vehicle accident, fallen trees, flooding, bush fire, controlled burn

It is your responsibility to use sunscreen, drink plenty of water, wear appropriate clothing and take advantage of refreshment stops provided. It is also your responsibility to make appropriate decisions about whether to start or continue the event based on your physical condition.  

If we deem the event to be adversely affected by extreme weather, the event may be cancelled. We cannot guarantee that cancelled events will be rescheduled.  

Notification of cancellation or modification of the event will occur at the earliest possible opportunity. This may be at the start location or if the cancellation or modification is later you will be notified at checkpoints by our event management team. A SMS message will also be sent as a secondary notification.  

In the case of event cancellation, all event support including, but not limited to, checkpoints, support vehicles and communications will be stood down 

If event is cancelled because of extreme weather or other reason, you will not be entitled to a refund of registration fees, money raised or any out-of-pocket costs incurred.