20 June 2022

Delivering Joy is proudly supporting the Jodi Lee Foundation by donating $2 from every sale of their ’30 Days of Joy’ packages.

Valeska Waldron, Creator & Founder of South Australian business, Delivering Joy is proud to announce that $2 from every sale of her ’30 Days of Joy’ text message packages will proudly be donated to the Jodi Lee Foundation.

Delivering Joy is proud to support the Jodi Lee Foundation and its mission to raise awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer. In fact, the business was established when one of Valeska’s friends was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer.

“Delivering Joy was started after I created the 30 Days of Joy gift for my friend, who was diagnosed with Stage IV bowel cancer.

I wanted to support her and show I cared, but really didn’t know how, and no gift of option I found seemed fitting or right. I came up with the idea to text her every day for 30 days with something to make her smile, laugh and feel loved, and she said she looked forward to those messages each day.

When she passed away I knew I needed to make it into a service for other people to meaningfully support their special people too. Delivering Joy was born.”, explains Valeska.

“Now you can uplift and support your friends or loved ones through cancer, illness, and the ups and downs of life by send a 30 Days of Joy text message package.

The packages consist of messages sent to your friend or loved ones daily (via MMS), designed to be a daily touchpoint to show you care, when they really need it the most. The different package options and messages consist of affirmations and inspirational quotes themed around care, love, strength and support, as well as humorous memes and jokes.

It’s like a bunch of flowers, but it lasts much longer!

My friend wanted to use her experience to bring awareness to the illness; particularly early detection and knowing the symptoms.

She supported the Jodi Lee Foundation as a way to raise awareness. Many of her friends have completed the JLF Trek in her honour to raise funds for the Foundation. This is my way of contributing to her legacy of raising awareness for the prevention and early detection of bowel cancer.

When you purchase a 30 Days of Joy text message package, to support your friends and loved ones, you will also be support so much more.

$2 of that sale will go directly to the Jodi Lee Foundation.”

Valeska Waldron
Creator & Founder, Delivering Joy