15 July 2011

The wellbeing of our staff is paramount to the success of our business.

With a considerable proportion of our staff being over 40, I felt it important that we make them aware of the prevalence of bowel cancer; educating them on some of the symptoms and risk factors and advising them of the importance of screening and follow-up action.

Once a screening test has been done an automatic reminder is sent to the employee when their next screening date is due. From our perspective, by introducing someone to bowel screening, we are setting them up for future tests as well.

Ongoing attention is vially important for successful long term screening and this is an automatic feature of The Jodi Lee Foundation’s program.

The response from our staff has been excellent and we will certainly aim to run this program again in the future.

Alistair Cavill, Managing Director, Cavill Power Products Pty Ltd