23 September 2014

Nick Lee bravely delivered a very personal account of Jodi’s story on Studio 10 this morning.

Channel 10 spent time with Nick the day before interviewing him in depth and compiled a moving introduction including photos of Jodi and Nick talking about their  life together.

Ita Buttrose, Natasha Belling and Sarah Harris then interviewed Nick live in the studio where they discussed Jodi’s late diagnosis of bowel cancer and the heartbreaking account of when they broke the news to their young children.

During the interview, Ita shared her close connection to bowel cancer through her brother and was interested in knowing more about symptoms.

They went on to discuss the fact that Jodi had no recognisable symptoms, with Nick explaining how this is not uncommon with bowel cancer.

The panel asked about diet and lifestyle factors that can impact bowel cancer risk. The interview finished with a strong call to action from Nick to screen for the early detection of bowel cancer.

You can watch the interview on Studio 10 here.