Australians turning 50, 54, 55, 58, 60, 64, 68, 70, 72 and 74 years of age, who hold a Medicare card or Department of Veterans’ Affairs card, are currently invited to take part in the Program. From 1 January 2018, people turning 62 and 66 will also be invited to participate. By 2020 the NBCSP will be available to all Australians every two years from age 50.

If you are eligible for the NBCSP, you will receive a test kit in the mail close to your birthday. We urge you to take the test – it might just save your life.

To check which year you will receive your free test, click HERE.

For more information about the NBCSP, go to

Completing the test is quick and easy and it can be done in the privacy of your own home. The test involves brushing a collection stick briefly along your bowel movement (poo) and placing the stick into the collection tube. This is done for two separate bowel movements. There is no requirement to change your medication or diet as part of the test.

This short video from the Department of Health removes the mystery behind screening test and shows you how it’s done. Watch it HERE.