19 September 2013

We are pleased to announce a three-year partnership with Beach Energy that will allow us to extend our Corporate Bowel Screening Program to more businesses nationally, including regional areas.

Screening more people through the Program will help to reduce the number of deaths from bowel cancer each year, currently almost 5,000, while raising awareness of the second largest cancer killer in Australia. Our goal is to distribute 3,500 screening tests in the next twelve months, thanks to the $150,000 sponsorship deal.

We’ve seen many success stories from bowel screening tests, including Beach employee Tom Hedditch, who received a positive result, despite being only 28 years old and extremely fit and healthy. As a result, Tom had a colonoscopy which found up to 100 polyps in his lower bowel that were likely to develop into bowel cancer within a few years. An operation to remove some of his lower bowel saved his life.

Inspired by Tom’s story, Beach adopted our Corporate Bowel Screening Program as part of it’s employee wellbeing initiatives in 2012 and again in 2013. As a result, eight positive results were detected which would have required follow up colonoscopy investigation and might have prevented the onset of bowel cancer.

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