Symptom Checker/

We often hear of people whose diagnosis of bowel cancer has been delayed because they didn’t think to visit to their GP, believing their symptoms were not serious.

Often the symptoms of bowel cancer are vague such as; bloating, cramping or unexplained feelings of tiredness, breathlessness or lack of energy. In fact, there are often no symptoms at all.

We developed a simple questionnaire to help you work out when you should investigate symptoms further by visiting your GP.

Based on Curtin University research by Dr D Sriram and colleagues, this tool was designed for use by pharmacy staff to facilitate referral to GPs. The symptom checker successfully identified people with symptoms of serious bowel disease as well as less serious conditions who would benefit from medical advice.

The questionnaire is simple enough to be completed at home or with your pharmacist. If the symptom checker recommends you follow up with your doctor, take the completed form with you. Make that appointment – it might just save your life.

Download our Symptom Checker HERE