Tory Toogood / Physio and Marathon Runner

Tory is an Adelaide based Women’s, Men’s and Pelvic Health physiotherapist working with people to improve their quality of life at every age. Tory shares her knowledge of bowel health, continence, exercise and self-management with her patients. Tory is also an athlete, representing her state and Australia in rowing in the 1990’s, and then learning to run in 2011.   

Tory ran the NYC marathon in 2011 with the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation, and formulated her bucket list goal to run a marathon on each of the seven continents as her training peaked before the event. She ended up paying her deposit for the Antarctica marathon before she’d even run her first event in NYC.   

She completed the Run the Great Wall marathon in China and the Adelaide marathon in 2012, took the family with her when she ran the Kilimanjaro marathon (Tanzania) and set a Boston Qualifying time in Amsterdam (The Netherlands) in 2013, ran and won the Antarctica marathon in 2014, when her Caracas (Venezuela) marathon was cancelled due to civil unrest locally. It took another 5 years of injury, rehabilitation, and logistics before she was able to get back to South America, running the Rapa Nui marathon in 2019 (Easter Island), thus completing her project of 7 marathons on seven continents.  Rapa Nui was her 18th marathon, and she’s completed in 8 ultra marathons.   

2020 has seen the cancellation of several other planned marathons, but she is working towards running all 6 of the “World Major” marathons  – NYC, Boston, Chicago and Berlin have been accomplished, Tokyo was cancelled in 2020, and London will complete the set.

“I have been involved with the Foundation for almost a decade now, since the first Little Black Dress party in January 2011. I believe in the value of public health education and clear messaging on preventative health measures such as the role of bowel cancer screening tests, to find problems while they are relatively minor and easy to treat.” 

– Tory Toogood