Michelle Beltrame/Fashion Stylist

Michelle Beltrame is an Adelaide-based fashion stylist and also has more than 20 years’ experience in communications and media, including in the area of bowel cancer and health.

A few years ago, Michelle experienced some changes to her bowel habits and noticed blood in her stool. Michelle saw a GP and after being told that she ‘probably had nothing to worry about’, she pushed for testing to rule out bowel cancer as its cause.

After a stool test (which came back positive for blood) and blood tests showing low iron levels, she was referred for a colonoscopy where a pre-cancerous polyp was removed.

Michelle will now undergo regular bowel screening to keep on top of any future polyps.

“If you’re over 50, please complete the free bowel cancer screening test when it arrives in the post from the Australian Government. And no matter your age, please trust your gut if something doesn’t quite seem right and see your doctor if you experience any unusual symptoms or changes to your bowel habits.”