Dr Michela Sorensen / GP

Dr Michela Sorensen is a Sydney-based General Practitioner who specialises in women’s and children’s health and mental health. Her approach to healthcare focuses on sharing knowledge and, in doing so, empowering individuals and communities to enhance their overall wellbeing.

Michela as been directly affected by gastrointestinal cancer on several levels. Her mother passed away from stomach cancer at the age of 50, when Michela was in her second year of medical school. Additionally, her very close friend was diagnosed with bowel cancer at age 39. Thankfully, 21 years later, this friend is fighting fit and continues to be like a second mother to Michela.

Michela is not only focused on educating people about prevention and early detection of bowel cancer, she is also passionate about supporting families, like her own, who have been affected by cancer.