Max Burford/Sports Presenter

Max Burford is the sports presenter for Adelaide’s 10 News First weekday bulletin and 10 Football and can also be heard on the Max & Ali in the Morning show on Mix 102.3.

“My father, Stuart, has had surgery to remove bowel cancer tumours twice.

As a man’s man, regular health check-ups weren’t part of his routine and we were lucky that a nasty bout of appendicitis alerted us to a tumour in his bowel that was promptly removed.

Since then, he has been on top of his early screening, and regular visits to the GP.

This increased awareness helped us to recognise the signs and deal with a second tumour accordingly.

The tests exist, they work and the more people that know about them, the better. That’s where the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation do such great work raising awareness.”