Kelly Golding/Radio and Television Presenter

Kelly Golding has been a friendly face on Channel Seven for 18 years as a travel and lifestyle presenter, starting her television career as weather presenter back in 2003. She can also now be heard on Smooth FM’s More Music Breakfast Show as host from 6am – 9am Monday to Friday.

She has a love of travel, a passion for great food and wine and is always up for an adventure and laugh, seeking out the best experiences in South Australia and beyond.

Kelly worked with the Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation to launch the Talking Sh!t Campaign with Merv Hughes, Richard Wilkins, Wendy Harmer, Gavin Wanganeen and Dr Ginni Mansberg. She has also personally received a positive bowel screen and had pre-cancerous polyps removed, so is a true advocate for early screening of bowel cancer and seeing your GP straight away as soon as you experience unusual pain or symptoms.