Brenton Ragless / Channel 9 TV Presenter

Born in South Australia, Brenton Ragless has an extensive background in broadcast media, public relations, emergency services, meteorology, defence and tourism. Prior to becoming a Presenter on Channel 9 in 2008, Brenton provided media commentary on fires and other disasters as a full-time spokesperson for the SA Country Fire Service, as well as a fire and emergencies reporter for ABC Radio.

His interest with the fire service evolved from the age of five when he tagged along with his dad to the Eden Hills CFS Brigade. On finishing Blackwood High School in 1993, Brenton followed in his father’s footsteps to become an active volunteer firefighter.

Brenton’s father is a survivor of bowel cancer, and has inspired Brenton to take active steps towards prevention. He and his dad continue to share their interest in the fire service today, preserving a classic red 1961 International Fire Engine.