8 April 2016

At just 21 years of age, Emily was one of the youngest in her workplace, but she heard Jodi’s story when her employer SDA ran our Workplace Prevention Program, and chose to take the test just in case. It turned out to be a lifesaving decision.

Her test came back positive, so she booked an appointment with her GP, who reluctantly referred her to a specialist for further investigation.

At each appointment Emily was told it was unlikely she would have bowel cancer as she was young with no family history.

The results of a colonoscopy surprised everyone. There were a number of polyps, some which were harmless, but others that would have developed into bowel cancer in the years to come.

Emily was told she would need another colonoscopy within the year to remove the remaining polyps that were too small to take out at the time, and beyond that she would need a plan of regular check-ups to ensure she remains cancer free.

She is very lucky, and grateful to her employer for running the program and giving her the opportunity to screen, as she wouldn’t have considered it otherwise.