8 October 2015

Our Corporate Bowel Screening Program will now be known as our Workplace Prevention Program to better reflect the breadth of the initiative.

The program does more than encourage screening, it also educates employees on the other key elements for preventing bowel cancer – eating a healthy diet, leading an active lifestyle, knowing your family history and acting quickly on symptoms.

Screening remains a key focus of the program, as regular screening is essential to preventing bowel cancer, and we recommend everyone over 50 screen at least every two years.

However, bowel cancer affects more than 1,000 people under the age of 50 each year, that’s 7% of the total number diagnosed so we recommend people of all ages are aware of bowel cancer and its risks.

Our Workplace Prevention Program has resulted in bowel cancer being detected in a number of people under the age of 50, who may not have otherwise screened if they weren’t inspired to do so after hearing the story behind The Jodi Lee Bowel Cancer Foundation.

For more information about our Workplace Prevention Program click here.