Nicole James has worked for the past 20 years in the medical and health industry with degrees in both Science, BSc (physiology and psychology) and Health Science, BHSc Nutritional Medicine.
As the founder of Fundamental Nutrition, Nicole works with small and large organisations running workshops/seminars and presenting on all things nutrition. She also consults privately as a Clinical Nutritionist assisting clients with a wide variety of health issues. Her overall passion is to help people understand what they are eating and the importance of nutrition for improving health and preventing disease…..”teaching the power of food as medicine”.

Nicole loves to educate people to understand “why” something is good for them and “why” the right food is so important…..not just sometimes, but every day. She is extremely passionate about working with individuals and incorporating their cultural and spiritual beliefs to their food and lifestyle. Nicole has worked with government departments, not-for-profit organisations and businesses of all sizes across South Australia, to help them better understand the important relationship between food and health.