Tiffany Young, Co-Founder

A close friend of Jodi’s, Tiffany was a founding member of our Board. She works across all areas of our business and is responsible for our communications, project delivery and funding proposals. Tiffany also manages our human resources, legal and financial roles.

Tiffany is a Chartered Accountant with a Bachelor of Business (Marketing). She has more than 15 years experience in tax advisory, having worked for Deloitte for many years and later consulting to listed and unlisted property funds.

Elissa O'Donohue, Event Manager

Elissa spent six years producing large-scale events and promotions in Sydney before returning to Adelaide to join our team at the very beginning when the Foundation started.

Elissa manages all aspects of the Foundations events including planning, logistics and registrations. Elissa is also responsible for managing our website and coordinating the print production of all marketing materials.

Sonia Mir, Marketing Manager

With over 17 years of marketing, communications and public relations experience from careers in Adelaide, Melbourne and London, Sonia knows her stuff.

Sonia is a communications specialist with extensive experience in strategy, management, planning and execution. She has worked across numerous well known fashion, retail and lifestyle brands as well as start-up businesses, state government and currently not-for-profit.

Sonia embraces each new endeavour holistically, looking at all elements of marketing, public relations, social media and advertising. Building long lasting business relationships is another core strength due to her passionate and honest approach. She actively contributes to the growth of a client or business through hard work, fresh ideas and a global perspective.