Why Kay-A-Day/

We want to make moving more and sitting less, super easy and fun for school aged children. We want being active every day to become second nature.

Why? That’s easy. The stats confirm that in Australia, 9 out of 10 young people aged 13-17 don’t move enough and children aged 5-12 should accumulate at least 60minutes of physical activity every day.

Being physically active every day and promoting a healthy body and mind helps children to grow and develop now, while reducing the risk of developing certain diseases later in life – including bowel cancer.

Kay-A-Day is designed to encourage kids of all ages to walk or run just one kilometre a day for 21 days – in total, the same distance as a half marathon.

There are many opportunities to sit. We need to find the time to move!

Getting involved with Kay-A-Day is rewarding for those taking part and also for friends and family who want to get involved by sponsoring participants for every kay completed.

Students can run Kay-A-Day in Term 3 or Term 4 – whatever suits your school best!

Once your school is registered you can set up a fundraising page for each class or individuals participating.

Students will each receive:
• Kay-A-Day Training Card to track and record progress!
• Kay-A-Day Lanyard
• Kay-A-Day Shoelaces

Kay-A-Day is a primarily an initiative to get school aged children moving more. Secondary to that is the fundraising that can easily be done via our website or donation form by the children and classes participating.

To see who is taking part in Kay-A-Day click HERE

Registrations are now closed for 2017.

* Source –www.health.gov.au

Frequently Asked Questions/

What is Kay-A-Day?

Kay-A-Day is a health initiative created by The Jodi Lee Foundation designed to encourage kids to run or walk just one kilometre a day for 21 days – the same distance as a half marathon.

The Jodi Lee Foundation are passionate about getting children moving more and sitting less. Habits that are formed now can last a lifetime and have an impact on health today and in the future.

Kay-A-Day is based on the national physical activity recommendations for young people which says accumulative activities of 60 minutes every day is good for you.

Being physically active is good for kids’ health as well as being a great way to make friends, develop physical skills and improve social skills. Physical activity helps kids do better at school too!

How does Kay-A-Day work?

Simply register your school and start Kay-A-Day in Term 3 or 4 in 2017.

Students will receive a set of Kay-A-Day shoelaces, so they can show their support every time they wear their runners, and a lanyard to record their progress. Fundraising and donations is available via our Kay-A-Day website

Kay-A-Day can be introduced to schools in a range of ways. It could be part of the school curriculum, where it fits in well with the Australian Curriculum for Health and Physical Education, or students could be encouraged to take part during lunch or recess.

How do I register our school?

Government and non-government schools can sign up until the end of Term 3 here

How do students register?

Once your school has registered to take part in Kay-A-Day, students (or their teacher, parent or primary care givers) will be sent a link to create their own fundraising page as part of your school team.

What are the start and end dates?

Kay-A-Day can be done in Term 3 or 4 and takes up to 21 days to complete, depending on the number of kilometres completed each day. Some schools may finish within 20 days or less by running two or more kilometres on the final day.

How can we promote Kay-A-Day?

We can provide you with Kay-A-Day messaging for your school communications such as newsletters or social media. Our bowel cancer prevention messages are important for parents and we can incorporate these too.
A spokesperson may be able to visit your school to speak to students about Kay-A-Day and The Jodi Lee Foundation. Please contact our Marketing Manager, Sonia Mir at [email protected].
We also ask you to advise us if you are planning on speaking to the media about Kay-A-Day.

How do students fundraise?

Once registered, students will have their own fundraising page, making it easy for their family and friends to get involved by sponsoring them for their efforts.
Donations of $2 or more are tax deductible and a tax receipt will be sent to the email address provided. All money raised helps fund our bowel cancer prevention initiatives in Australia.

Where does the money go?

Money raised through Kay-A-Day helps us save lives by raising awareness about the prevention of bowel cancer. For more information about what we do, click HERE.

Website links

If you want to know why it is so important to move more, sit less and be physically active every day, you can read the following guidelines:

Guidelines for 5-12 years

Guidelines for 13-17 years

Australia’s Physical Activity and Sedentary Behaviour Guidelines