Have Nick speak at your next event

Nick Lee was a director at Unilever until his career took a major turn after losing his wife Jodi to bowel cancer in 2010. Since then he has worked tirelessly to prevent other Australian families from experiencing the unspeakable sadness that he and his family did when Jodi lost her battle with bowel cancer.

Today, The Jodi Lee Foundation is recognised as a leading voice for bowel cancer prevention in Australia. Each year the Foundation’s messages reach millions of Australians through national initiatives that motivate people to be proactive about their health.

Nick is an engaging and motivational speaker who can shift attitudes towards health and encourage change through his emotive tone and compelling experiences. He connects well with large and small audiences, and understands the dynamics required to drive organisations beyond their desired business goals.

How a devestating journey inspired change

Nick tells the powerful story behind The Jodi Lee Foundation and explains how his journey has inspired others and saved lives. His compelling and informative approach inspires an appreciation for life and leaves the audience feeling motivated to take a proactive approach to their health.

Motivating future entrepreneurs

During his 17-year career with Unilever, Nick travelled the world in various positions, and was a regular inclusion on the company’s high potential and sustained high performance lists. Following his wife’s tragic death from bowel cancer, Nick left the security of corporate life to establish The Jodi Lee Foundation. Since then, Nick has raised millions of dollars to fund a number of national initiatives to prevent bowel cancer. His business insights and career experience will inspire and motivate future entrepreneurs and business leaders to make the most of their skills to drive success.